The Objectives of the Organization :



the fight against illegal immigration and insecurity


promote and stimulate investment in agriculture, energy and water

Raise Awareness

sensitization and advancement of women’s rights through education and income-generating activities (iga)

The Multicultural

promote the approach of the other one by the multicultural and sharing between African populations and the cooperation among african countries

Road Safety

raising awareness of the road accident prevention through actions within schools as well as for the users (bus drivers and taxi drivers etc.)

About us


   In the present context, where there is a great deal of interest in ensuring the sustainable development in Africa, the Moroccan Organization for Development in Africa has been created.

MODA aims at acting in favor of innovative initiatives and practices among project promoters by providing support, allotment and sharing of experiences and know-how. The Organization works with different partners as cooperatives, associations, trade unions, local authorities, public agencies, among many other establishments. This allows multi-partnership projects to be carried out.

Word of the President

Hassan M. LAHLOU

    The new diplomatic contour initiated by the Kingdom calls on all the actors in our country. The solid mapping of a clear vision remains to give shape and background to a dynamic and a fused strategy.

In fact, solidarity must be the cornerstone of our political, economic and social openness from Morocco to the countries of the African continent. It is in this spirit that we decided to create a citizen platform to accompany investors and promoters of projects to support the development of African cooperation.

Our belief is to bring together actors with the same motivation and common objectives, in order to create stable, healthy and lasting bonds around key sectors such as education, health, infrastructure, security, multiculturalism and the environment.

Africa is in motion at the present time, and for the adventure to be magnificent, it is necessary that affluences to be shared.

Let us all shape our history....

Hassan M. LAHLOU

Our Actions

Promoting Development and Entrepreneurship in the African Continent

By encouraging the creation of individual or collective activity in rural and urban areas, by creating favorable conditions for the emergence of collective projects and innovative tools.

The fight against poverty in the African continent

The fight against poverty is a question of justice and equality; it is the issue that arises from our conviction. Our goal is to pool our efforts and strive to find common solutions to fight poverty and build a solidarity-based Africa. The alert is there, Africa is facing a wave of widespread poverty, and millions of people are threatened with poverty or social exclusion. Mobilizing our members is essential to our NGO’s work.
They act on a daily basis by organizing events, sensitizing citizens and lobbying decision-makers, working more to combat preventable diseases in the poorest countries, promoting the empowerment of small Improve access to energy to combat corruption and to combat the inequalities and injustice of the poorest people.

The fight against hunger and diseases

Among our missions is to meet the vital needs of the most vulnerable populations, eliminate hunger and save lives through prevention, treatment of undernourishment, during and after conflict and natural disasters. Our team is particularly interested in detection, treatment and prevention of the undernourishment among the most vulnerable people, young children and pregnant and lactating women. We also consider the quality of the care given to the people concerned and especially the children, so our projects involve strengthening child care to reduce the risk of disease development.
We also know that a person who has suffered an episode of acute undernourishment can hardly take back a normal life; that is why mental health is also taken into consideration with psychosocial and psychological support. Diseases can also occur if hygiene is neglected or clean water supplies are inaccessible or unsuitable, we therefore intervene in programs to improve access to safe water in the awareness of good practices, hygiene and water management.
Our NGO also conducts advocacy, which aims to advise policy-makers and economists on the importance of eradicating acute undernourishment and support its recognition as a major public health problem.

Promote and stimulate investment in agriculture, energy and water

By supporting the development of sustainable and valuable agricultural projects, diversifying activities and marketing methods, and revising the organization of work on farms to better integrate socially. In addition, contributing to a society based on renewable energies derived from our natural and inexhaustible resource, the sun. Our team proposes to be part of the transition energy, communities, owners, private individuals, social landlords ... On all energy-related issues, enabling people and local actors to take ownership of the issues and take action for this transition. At the COP 22 held in Marrakech in November 2016, the team and the President of the Moroccan Organization for Development in Africa held a series of daily meetings during the two weeks of COP 22 with the different African and international NGO and other institutions in order to develop partnerships with the aim of accompanying the different structures to climate change and to establish a road map for the years 2017 to 2020.

The fight against illegal immigration and insecurity

The lifestyle and living standards of the populations of developed countries attract young Africans belonging to the developing countries, who dream of a better way of life. Active young people are often victims of this form of immigration whose routes used to cross the sea and the Sahara causing hundreds of dead and disappeared people. Thus, migratory flows towards developed countries are constantly increasing, requiring a sharp mastery of these movements, which must be shared between the two countries that are at the start and end of the migrant's journey. Faced with the urgency of this scourge and the number of victims, our NGO plans to put in place measures to combat illegal immigration through campaigns to raise awareness among the populations concerned about the threats and dangers of this practice and by encouraging income-generating activities to combat unemployment and precariousness, with the aim of living in dignity to save lives. Thus, safeguarding human wealth in the countries of origin to grant greater chances of development.

Sensitization and advancement of women through education and income-generating activities (IGA).

Undoubtedly, the education of girls and women is a must; a woman without education can suffer from violations of human rights and violence. The promotion of women's associations for socioeconomic development is a priority. Our NGO therefore proposes a range of pedagogical approaches and activities, contributing to the literacy of women and sensitizing communities to the education of girls, in order to ensure gender equality and eliminate gender education systems. At the same time, these actions will still contribute to the fight against undernourishment and infant mortality, a child of a literate mother is more likely to survive beyond the age of 4 years. The NGO works especially in the vocational training of women and the support on entrepreneurship, giving access to economic opportunities appropriate to their development.

The multicultural

The NGO aims at promoting the approach of the other by multicultural exchange and the sharing among African populations and cooperation among African countries, this to regenerate mutual respect between cultures, encourages civil society to work for a common future, contribute to the development of an intercultural strategy for the African region, providing recommendations for decision-makers and institutions and defending common values and overcoming the stereotypes that affect communication and relations between culture and within societies in Africa by creating an area of prosperity, coexistence and peace.


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